Postman generated code runs but doesn't have all header


From reading the documentation on request headers I should be including:

Content-Type: application/json
X-HTTP-Method-Override: GET


But this throws errors. When I use the code generated by Postman, which was successful in logging in, it doesn’t use those headers. In fact, when I include those in my Postman headers, I get a 520 “Illegal request” error. Running code included below. I’m a bit confused about what is happening. Can anyone explain? Thanks



options1 = {

method: "GET",

url: "",

qs: {

app: "1"


headers: {

"X-Cybozu-API-token":removed for security



request.get(options1, (err, res, body) => {



Hi Nathan,

In Postman, the body information must be given to the request URL for GET request.
※The body information is required in the body except for GET request.

Therefore, Content-type: application/JSON is not required when you request GET.


In your case, you might want to remove the content-type from the header and specify the request URL like “





Thanks for your response. To clarify, I would only need to include the content type header when using Postman?