Uncaught RuntimeException .. Connection timed out

Hello there

When I work with api on Kintone (sourcecode written by PHP language) ,
sometimes, It displays an error like below:
Uncaught RuntimeException : Error creating resource: [message] fopen…failed to open stream: Connection timed out
sometimes It works properly.

Is there anyone who encounter the problem?


Hi John,

Is this error sometimes displayed for most of your codings with Kintone API or just a particular one? If you know which one is causing, would you be able to share it?

Thank you.


Hi Junko

In my coding file, I used many different Kintone APIs,
This error is also displayed on different Kintone APIs
However, most of time I execute the coding file, It displayed no error
sometimes It displayed the error as I said before
about 10 times success then 1 time displaying the error


Hi John,

I see.

I am not exactly sure what is causing this error since I have not seen your code yet,
but there must be a timeout somewhere in the code due to this timeout error,
which I think is related to an API run-time.

The error might have occurred on the PHP side. I do not know very much about PHP
and do not understand the details in your code, but it seems that API run-time exceeds the time that can be processed,
and you got an error.

Let’s say this happens in the process for one record for the time being.
Would you please check whether the event happens again if you reduce the number of requests once?