Access UI elements on record create

Question / Problem

I know there is the getFieldElement(fieldCode) method, but that method is not available for record edit or create pages.

What is the best way to access a field element?
Specifically, a Drop-down field to add/remove options?

Current Situation

I am trying to have two dropdowns linked, one has a set of options, and based on that choice, the second dropdown’s options will change.

Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

I would like a dropdown with the options empty and have the JS add the options on the Record Create - event.

Referenced Resources

Get Record Field Element -

Hello @TylerR

Since the getFieldElement(fieldcode) method is unavailable in Record Details (Edit/Create) or Record Print pages, you will need to use the DOM manipulation.

However, please note the customization using DOM manipulations may not work after a Kintone updates.

On the other hand, the Conditional Display native plug-in may accomplish what you want:

I hope this helps.