Are there marketplace for buy/sell kintone app/plug-in?

Are there marketplace for buy/sell kintone app/plug-in same other platform such as Wordpress?

Hi Anh Nguyen

Currently there is no market place for buying/selling kintone apps and plug-ins. The product team though is placing this on their roadmap so that these creations can be shared easier.

Thank you.

Hope it come soon!

Following up on this post. Any indication where this is on the roadmap? I have several apps and plug-in ideas that I can work on but don’t know how I will monetize. 

Hi Travis, thanks for bringing the subject up.
For the moment, we can only say that it is not on the next 6 month of the roadmap.

If you have plug-in ideas or any prototypes, please contact the kintone team directly to discuss monetizing opportunities, as they may have other solutions for now until the marketplace is ready.