Cant i create a dropdown on subtable ?

I have a list of data retrieved from the Api request, and a subtable has drop-down lists.

I would like to add the data list to the dropdowns.

I have referred to the following link. It shown me how to create a dropdown on space. Howerver, the problem is that the space cannot be created in the subtable.を使って動的ドロップダウンを作成しよう-?fbclid=IwAR3uz5DHV8_DkZHAg-1L8zYiHQrKFzrnfzUDbxt7gNLc3vE17-2wzxQmPu8

Is there any way to create a dropdown on subtable?

Thank you.

Hello Phúc Nguyễn Đình,


The “kintone UI Component” in the article is v0, and there are different types of versions of the kintone UI Component.

Their latest version currently is 0.7.8.


Therefore, if you update the “kintone UI Component,” you would need to modify the code.

The code does not correspond to tables.


Please take a look at some articles below for more details for this matter;


Kintone UI Component:


Plug-in settings Kintone UI Component guide:


kintone-ui-component Versions:


Hopefully, this helps.


 Is there any way to integrate Kintone UI Component to Kintone event? It seems like they have their own methods. And when I combine with the native Kintone UI. It is difficult to design the code. Especially, when I have to write a code to handle errors.

 As my experience so a far, I have to write a new error handling from scratch If I want to use Kintone UI Component. 

Hello PaKaNoSuKi KeNuiCha,

You can integrate Kintone UI Component into the Kintone event.
Can you give me a specific example of what kind of error you are experiencing and what you are trying to do?

@Yuzo Arai

Thank you, for example I create a button with Kintone Ul Compenent naming “uomBtn”. How can I access this field in event object in It is not integrate to event.record.


    var id = “31_5692604-:23-text”;

    document.getElementById(id).value = “”;








I tried to set on change and disable the filed. But, I don’t have event object. So I don’t sure how I can disable it. 


And because I can’t find a way for it to integrate normally with event object. So I have to create uomAlert separately for alert an error.

var uomAlert = new kintoneUIComponent.Alert({text: “REQUIRED”,type:“error”});


Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi PaKaNoSuKi KeNuiCha,


It is not possible to include change events such as buttons generated by
Kintone Ul Compenent in, nor is it possible to retrieve the value in the event object.


As you know, if you want to return an error in an event such as a button generated
by Kintone Ul Compenent, you need to create a separate process.


However, if you have set the value of the field in the Kintone Ul Compenent process,
it may be possible to check the value in the event before saving in the Add/Edit Record screen and return an error.


Please take a look at these help pages for reference;

Save Submit Event app.record.create.submit:

Save Submit Event app.record.edit.submit:


Hopefully, this helps.


Thanks for your answer. It is not plug & play. I have to depend on API then. Actually, it will better if Kintone UL component provide any way to register the component. This can make my life a lot easier.