Copy data detail show to index show.

i did customize my code to total money each of the month(details show). so i want to copy this value (9 month) paste in index show on this records.

below picture:

9月: 300000

thanks all, and have a nice day.

i need to copy the value of  9month(detail show)   move to index show( number rows(6), and another rows copy and move value same!


Please could you share the code you are using now, and the community can help you based on that.

hi William Sayama,

tks your quickly support,

(function () {

“use strict”;

//In index page‘’, function (event) {

vargetData9MonthIndex =‘m9_total’);

// Automatic run detail page and get value of 9month add to 9month of index show‘’, function (event) {

varpostData9MonthDetail =‘m9_total’).value;

getData9MonthIndex.textContent = postData9MonthDetail;




Done, tks Dev team…

Hi NDC, would you mind sharing with the community on how you solved it? Thanks!

Hi William Sayama,

Because i can not do it, so i am remove this function. and do it another way.