How do I connect Kintone with my mssql server?

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How do I connect my Kintone App to my mssql server?

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Hello @H_Nar


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Clarification - What do you mean by mssql?

Do you mean MySQL or Microsoft SQL (MS SQL)?

Ways to Get Data from a Kintone App

Here are 5 ways you can extract data from a Kintone App:

  1. REST API method - Kintone REST API List
  2. Terminal method - Kintone Command Line Tool - cli-kintone tutorial
  3. Webhook method - Kintone Webhooks tutorial
  4. Automation platform method (Zapier, Make, etc.) - Setting Up Kintone x Zapier Integration - Kintone Help
  5. CSV or Excel file method - Exporting Data to a File - Kintone Help

Once you have the data, you can import it into your database with your preferred method.