How to add image (Logo) on the form in apps?

How to add image (Logo) on the form in apps? I am creating quotation apps and i’d lilke to add an immage on it.

Pls. some body help me!! I am a new guy that try to do it by myself.

Hello Tanakorn Dechapattaraseri,


This might be possible with the native feature.


You can use an image from the internet, but you can also create an image file storage app in kintone and save it as an attachment there.
With that image displayed in kintone, copy the image.
Then, in the settings of the form of the app you’d like to paste, set up a “Label” field and paste it in the body of the settings screen.
Now, you can place the image in the form on the edit screen (also on the add new screen) and the detail view screen.


Please note, you will need to have access to the records of the image file storage app.

Here are some help pages; please take a look.




Configuring Forms:


Hopefully, this helps.