How to create a data entry form inside Detail Edit page?

If I drag the kintone data fields onto the form, they will show on all pages (Detail Show, Detail Edit, Detail Create). How to create a data entry form that is only shown on the Detail Edit page? 

I need to collect some info from the user and need a data entry form on the Detail Edit page. 

Hello Annaylee,

Sorry, I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do with your Kintone App. Would you mind elaborating on your desired outcome? Describing your use-case for this App would help me better understand your question.

My guess is that you want certain users not to see the “data entry form” while you want others to see it (in order to input the data).
If this is the case, you might want to check out the Field Group field. With a  Field Group , you can bundle other fields together and show and hide them easily.

You can also set permission to each field group to limit users who can view or edit them. The specified permission is applied to all the fields in the group.
For details on permissions for fields, see “Setting Permission for Fields” help doc.

I hope this helps ~