How to Create a Prepopulated Fields?

How might I create a JS customization to auto-populate data into fields?

I have multiple forms that are the same, but we want some fields to be pre-populated with set values specified in the first form.

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Auto-Populate-Data-Related Tutorials

We recommend you check out our many Autofill Data related tutorials:

After reviewing these tutorials, feel free to ask clarifying or specific technical questions.

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Thanks @Genji

I went through the Auto-populate Table Rows tutorial and was able to reproduce the populated fields as in the example.

Current Situation

I have a “Records” table and a “Sub-Records” table in my Kintone App.

“Sub-Record” table

  • The “Sub-Records” table is a subset of the “Records” table.
  • Each “Sub-Record” table’s row has a reference ID that links it back to the “Records” table’s own row.

Desired Outcome

After I create the first Sub-Record for a Record, I do not want to repeat some fields in subsequent Sub-Records. I want to fetch some values from the previous Sub-Record and pre-populate those fields.

Hello @Naandom_Godson ,

Thank you for going through the tutorial and providing more context to your question. However, this forum is for engineers of all levels, to seek Kintone customization advice from other engineers.

For requests on custom JavaScript implementations, please seek advice through the Kintone Partners page.

We are more than happy to help debug or improve your existing code. Feel free to post specific questions or problems you have encountered while building Kintone customizations.

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