How to display multiple PDF previews within a record?


I have 2 PDF files attached to a record and want the files previews within the Kintone record.

I was able to preview 1 PDF file by following this post:

But the code provided only works for one PDF file (Not if 2 PDF files are attached).

Does anyone know how to display the second attached PDF file?


  1. Be able to upload 2 PDF files via Attachment field.

  2. The PDF files’ previews are displayed when viewing the record.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Tarate_Y

Before looking into your case further, I want to let you know that Kintone does offer a native plug-in called PDF Preview now.
This plug-in lets users quickly click on PDF attachments and see their contents without downloading them. The PDFs can be previewed on the record/record list pages.

You can download the plug-in here:

Could you check this to see if this works for you?

FYI, you can find other native plug-ins here, too: