How to interrupt app when the app is processing

I updated javascipt for app from printcreator but app show ‘Waiting for the process to start.’ for a long time. I can’t update anything app settings. 

What can I do to update app settings in this case?

Hi Tân Lương Nhật,

 Could you please share your code with us if you don’t mind?


Hi Sean Tachibana,

Now, my app can update settings. about 6 hours after I update app settings, a error messege showed (i forgot write down it), and my file don’t add to app. The file, which I added in that update: 

if this scenario happens again, what can i do to stop the update process immediately?



Hello Tan,

I assume that an app takes time after you click on the “Update App” button.

First of all, the update process after clicking on the “Update App” cannot be stopped.
Therefore, if an app takes time to update, there’s nothing you can do other than wait.

To further investigate the problem, you should create a simple app and apply only the same JavaScript file to see whether this file is the problem.

If the problem doesn’t occur, the following might be the possible cause:

-When the problem occurred, some problem was occurring on the Kintone side.
-The app you experienced the problem with has too many fields or records.
-A complex setting is set up on the app that you experienced the problem, such as too many permission settings, etc.

I hope this helps