How to set attachment in record one to attachment_field in record two

Ok, here the code I worked on in the last couple hours:

Basically I have property app & property management app. And when something is set in property management, the associated property records should get updated automatically.

I now retrive all the intended recrods that I want and set the property value to the orginal property management  value.

BUT!!! The post has become extremely difficult. If you know a quick solution || examples for this, it is highly appreciated. Thank you!!!

Hello Amber,

From what I understand, you want to attach the same file that is attached to a different record.
In other words, when a file is attached to a record in App A, the same file is attached to a record in App B. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Every attachment has a file key that you can use in Javascript.
The flow should be something like the following:

  1. Obtain a file key of the attached file from an app using the GET method

  2. Download the file with the obtained file key from 1)

  3. Get a new file key of the downloaded file

  4. Using the file key that you obtained in 3) and the POST method, upload the file to a different app

Examples on how to download/upload a file using a file key are described in
the following pages so please use those pages for your reference:

Kintone Developer Program - Download File

Kintone Developer Program - Upload File

I hope this helps!