How to use query string to when making kintone.proxy() call?

How to use query string to limit my retrieval to only matching records when making kintone.proxy() call? For example, I want to retrieve only records that has gp=record.gphidden.value (a string)

function getData(machinesselected, record) {


        var header = { ‘X-Cybozu-API-Token’: ‘xxx’’ };

        var url = ‘/k/v1/records.json?app=83’;

        kintone.proxy(url, ‘GET’, header, {}, function (body, status, headers) {


        }, function (error) {

                console.log(‘error’, error);



Hi annaylee,


By executing the following process on the console screen of the developer tool, you can retrieve records by specifying a query.




var sQuery = 'gp="record.gphidden.value"';
sQuery = encodeURIComponent(sQuery);

'https://{subdomain}' + sQuery,
'X-Cybozu-API-Token': "API Token"
function(body, status, headers) {
function(error) {

Please refer to the example and see if you can achieve the desired result by modifying the process.


Hopefully, this helps.