I can't get mobile js file with Kintone API


I want to migrate files from domain A to domain B, but I can’t get all the files from domain A with Kintone API.
Which wrong is this?


Hello @Tan ,

Thank you for posting your question on our Kintone Developer Forum.

To better help you out, please provide more information regarding your current situation, question, and desired outcome.

Specifically, please share the script you where using in the screenshot.

Thank you ~

Hello @Genji,

As on screenshot, my customization files has mobile files but I received mobile js files empty when i use get customization API.

Thanks for your support

Hello Tan,

I do not quite understand the situation.
I can’t tell the script you entered from the screenshot, but mobile has its API version depending on the API you are using.

For example, Get Record Details API has:



Kintone JavaScript API

So make sure you are using these.


Hello Chris,

I use Get Customization API, but the response what I received, it don’t have any mobile js files while my app have many mobile js files.

Thank you for your support,