Insert and Delete Rows from an Excel-like Custom View

I want to show my table data using excel like custom view.
Could you support sample code?

Hello @H_Nar
The page you shared already contains sample codes, so I assume it's related to our discussion, but not entirely.
When you mentioned a table, are you referring to a table within a record form or the record view, similar to what's described in the help page?
Additionally, could you provide more details about your goal?
Thank you.

Hello, @Chis

thanks to reply.
I actually want to edit my table data from my spreadsheet view.

I already doing this. but I have 1 more question about table record update code using javascript.

I try this using update api but every my row deleted except one.

블록 따옴표

//update table_b_7 column in Table_0
    const saveRecords = (records, callback, errorCallback) => {
      kintone.api(kintone.api.url('/k/v1/records.json', true), 'PUT', {app:, records: records},
        (resp) => {
        (resp) => {
    // When updating a record, there are some fields that cannot be updated, such as record number, so do the following method to exclude those fields
    const setParams = (record) => {
      const result = {
          "value": ""
        "Table_0": {
          "value": []
      for (const prop in record) {
        if (['Record_number'].indexOf(prop) > -1) {
 = record[prop];
        if (['t7'].indexOf(prop) > -1) {
          var jsonData = {
             "value": {
                 "table_b_7": {
                    "value": record[prop].value
      return result;

could you advice this?

Thanks you

Hello @H_Nar
To clarify, it seems you've already implemented the Excel-like custom view exactly like the one in the help page, but you're experiencing issues specifically with the table field. However, I'm not entirely clear on your objective in this context.
Would you mind providing screenshots to help illustrate the problem more effectively? That would be greatly appreciated.