Logout out of Kinton via SAML IDP or any api that allows user logout

Question / Problem

Log out of Kintone via SAML IDP or any API that allows user logout.

Current Situation

I am using SAML Authentication to log in to Kintone. My IDP has a screen to log out the user after logging in.

I'm having difficulty logging out of Kintone after logging out from the IDP. According to the documentation from SAML, I believe Kintone should have a logout URL to receive a response from the IDP.

Can you help me with this problem? Or does Kintone have an API that can log out users?

Thank you very much.

Hello @D_t_Ph_m
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Kintone does not currently support Single Logout (SLO) as part of its SAML authentication implementation. This means there isn't a specific logout URL in Kintone to handle logout requests from the Identity Provider (IDP). As Kintone also lacks a logout API, you would need to use your IDP's logout URL to log out the user from the IDP session.