New record being added instead of existing record being updated.

When I try to update a record with the following json, it is adding a new record instead of updating.  Any ideas what might be causing this?


Hello Dave,

Most  likely the id doesn’t exist or possibly incorrect so that’s why it’s creating a new record.

Definitely a record 14 (see below.)  Any other ideas?


Dave, could you share more details about the API request?

We can have a better overview if we know how you are sending the requests (for example, you may be using a POST request instead of a PUT request, but we can’t tell yet from your info)

Sure, I am doing a POST to with an API token, from outside kintone.

Hello Dave,


As William mentioned above, could you try and use the PUT request instead of the POST request?

When you are trying to update the record, you must use the PUT request.

Let us know if you still have a problem after you have changed it.

Hope this helps.

That did the trick, thanks!