Offline capability and GPS data collection

Good day,

We plan to build an app where users can collect data offline during their cultural mapping activities on remote towns with no Internet access. The app must also be able to capture the coordinates captured by the phone’s GPS receiver, or be able to locate using a map. I don’t see a field where we could collect geospatial data. Is there any way we can do that on Kintone?



Hi Joel,


Basically, when you come offline to kintone, there is no such a feature to store the data, so you would need to make your own system using the feature of the interface such as a smartphone.


Here is Kintone iOS SDK for Swift development


There are also features(such as Chrome) to resume the search when you are online, you can keep the information in the offline. Then when you are online, you can use the REST API to synchronize.


If you want to use your location information with Kintone customization, you can use APIs such as Geolocation API, but you need to be online because you use APIs. You need to use an app that can get GPS or offline location information on your console.


For your information, this article introduces sample customization using OpenStreetMap and Openlayers, to display maps into kintone.


▼ kintone x OpenStreetMap


There are apps, such as GoogleMap, that can be used offline; therefore, GSP related apps can be found variously.


Hope this helps.