Search by Record # -OR- Duplicate Record # in Text Field

Hi all!

I’m running into some issues with functionality here and I’m not sure how to address it. So let’s start with the big picture problem.


Setup: Any app with automatic record IDs, sample records 1-5

Repro: Go to “search in app”, type “2”,

Result: “No results found.”

Expected / Desired: Record 2



I know that you can filter by record number - my team feels that this is too many steps / clicks for something that should be a simple search.

The best workaround I could come up with is duplicating the record number into a text field (which would make it show up through a search), but it can’t do this until after the app.record.create.submit event since until then the record number is null.

tl;dr: I’m trying to eliminate steps while making records easily searchable. Help?

Hello Meg!

Unfortunately, you cannot search only by one letter or so. However, if you are looking to search a record simply by its record ID, it is possible by enabling the App Code.

For example, if you set up your app’s app code to be “Example” and enter “Example-1” in the search bar, the first record will appear in the search suggestion. Just to let you know, once you set up the App Code, you cannot change it so be careful.

To enable the App Code, follow the link below:

Also, “app.record.create.submit.success” is the one to obtain a record ID, not “app.record.create.submit”.

Thanks much, Yuzo!  My team has decided that the enabled App Code is an acceptable substitute for what they want to do :slight_smile: