Weird bug of Kintone mobile ""

I have meet this weird issue in Kintone mobile on Iphone 11 (IOS 17.2.1)
When on list view records of Kintone app, I select an column named "Text" for sorting.
In web version and mobile web version (/m/k url) I've tried the same and run script "" it returned my expectation query "'Check_box in ("sample1") order by Text desc limit 50 offset 0'"
But in mobile device, the query is "Check_box in ("sample1") order by Record_number desc limit 50 offset 0'"

The query on mobile is old and need to refresh the app or filter again and again to get the correct query.
It maybe a bug in your Kintone app mobile. Is there any way to fix it?
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Thank you!

Any answer for this topic? I need the answer quite hurry. Thank you!

Hello @tuankiet116
I'm currently investigating this issue, so I appreciate your patience.

Hello @tuankiet116
By the way, have you attempted clearing the cache and data of the Kintone mobile app to see if it resolves the issue?

I have attemped remove the cache and data, even deleted the app on my device and reinstall but not resolves problem. It has to be refesh the app in Kintone or filter again and again

Hello @tuankiet116
I'm not sure if it's because I'm not using an iPhone, but I wasn't able to recreate the issue you're experiencing. Could you please provide the script that's causing the problem? This would help me better understand the issue and provide a solution.

Also, if I understand correctly, you are expecting the query result to be 'Check_box in ("sample1") order by Text desc limit 50 offset 0.' This query works as expected on both the desktop and mobile versions. However, on the Kintone mobile app, the initial query result is 'Check_box in ("sample1") order by Record_number desc limit 50 offset 0.' It's only after refreshing the page several times that the query result becomes what you expect, with 'Text' instead of 'Record_number.' Please confirm if my understanding is correct.

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Yes, your understand is correct.
I am using a Form Element for saving value includes kintone query.
And reload after every time user click on a column for sorting.

Oh, and I think I have found the problems. This must be my mistake for using "location.reload".
When I remove this script avoiding user can reload the problems has been showing up on both mobile and web. I think maybe on mobile there is no location.reload() but I still need to reload for refresh the app. Do you have any recommendation for replacement of "location.reload()"?

Thank you for your help so much!

Hello @tuankiet116
I'm glad the issue has been resolved. To better understand your script and provide an alternative to "location.reload()", could you please explain the flow of your script? Thank you

Oh, thanks for your help.
I have figured my issue. Turn out on mobile device I have found no th element by class name because of difference class name on web and mobile. So I have change class name to fit with mobile device and location.reload worked when user click on th element.
I appreciate your help so much. Thank you!

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