Adding Tooltips to Form Fields


I’m new here, and I apologize in advance is there is already a post about this. I looked but didn’t find one.


I would like to add tooltips to some of my form fields that will pop up when the user hovers over the field or field title (or maybe even a little question-mark graphic that would show up next to the title?).


Is this possible?



As one of many options, you could use the Tippy.js to do it.

You first add the following URL to the JS in your app:

Then you could write something like:

(function(){'use strict';/\* global tippy \*/'',function(event){'Text');tippy(targetField,{content:'HELP!!!',arrow:true});});})();

This example creates a tooltip on the “Text” field.

Or you could check out the following page for your reference:

Kintone Developer Program - Profile Tooltip Plug-in

I hope this helps

Thank you, Yuzo.

I’m still having a bit of a problem. I copied the code you shared and pasted it into a notepad file, changed ‘Text’ to the Field Code name of my field and changed ‘HELP!!!’ to the message I want to display, then saved the file as a .js file and uploaded it to the App Settings > Javascript and CSS Customization page. Nothing happens when I hover over the field.

Any idea what I did wrong?

(Thanks again!)


Hello Leslie!

Hmmm, just to clarify, did you add the following JS to your “Javascript and CSS Customization” from Add Link too?

Yes. Here is a screenshot:

I tried it myself and seems to work fine on the record detail page so the code seems to be fine…

Just to clarify, the example code that I gave only works on the record detail page.
To make it work on other events, you need to edit the event section of the code.
*I’m not sure whether it will work on other events, but it definitely works on the record detail page.

Check out the following page for other events:

Ah, ok, I see it on the record detail page. I actually need it on the screen for adding a new record. Can you tell me what the event is called for adding a new record? Can I add a second line to the events code so it will work in both pages?


Record Create-Onload Event is

I posted the event list in the previous commment;

it lists all the event in Kintone so please check that for your future reference.

Kintone Developer Program - Kintone JavaScript API List

Yes, you can add multiple events, but like I said, the script might not work on all events.