Advanced reporting features

Hi there- I am wanting to create some more advanced reports than what is available. How can I create a report that uses my past database data to forecast for my future sales or orders?

Hello Natalie

As of now, to create reports that are more advanced than what is available as default, you can use the Chart.js library. This is one of the libraries listed on the kintone developer CDN page. By using this, you can create more advanced reports.

 kintone Developer Network - CDN

Another thing you can do is placing multiple graphs on one page.
Even though the current kintone cannot combine two graphs as one, it is possible to place multiple graphs next to each other on one page. You can do so by placing graphs in the space field. Or you can add new view of app and putting the following HTML code in the Custom View option:

<iframe width=“800” height=“600” frameborder=“0” src=“Graph URL”></iframe>

You can get the Graph URL by opening the graph page and clicking “Embed Tag” from “…” on the top right. After getting the URL for graphs and displaying it using the iframe, you can see multiple graphs next to each other from the app view.