Nested Table?

I have a kintone detail edit page for customers.

Inside the detail edit page, I would like to create a data structure for customer invoices. I want to use “Table” for invoices with each record in the “Table” representing an invoice. A customer can have multiple invoices. The user can click on the add row icon “+” to add a new invoice for the customer.

But the problem is that an invoice contains 3 different types of data:

Invoice header: containing customer name, address, city, state, zip

Invoice line items: containing each service charge

Invoice subtotal and total: summarizes all the service charges

Can I create a nested Table with the outer Table for the invoice header and the inner Table for the line items? How about the subtotal and total?

How to best create the data structure to solve the problem so that data can be saved correctly in kintone?

Hello annaylee,

It’s impossible to create a nested table with the Kintone table fields.

You might make nested tables by creating them yourself from scratch, but I recommend managing one invoice per record.