How to turn table into a pagrnable table?

I have a table with the field code “customer_quotes_table”.

It is getting longer and longer.

How to turn this table into a pageable table?

Hello Annay Lee, are you asking how to customize a table (in a record) to enable a pagination feature, so the table is shown in smaller segments (i.e., multiple “pages”)?

A solution without customization would be to use the Related Records field and configure the Max Records to Display at a Time setting.

  1. Create an App with the customer_quotes_table fields
  2. Set a Related Records field in the original App.
  3. Have the Related Records field pull & display the data from the customer_quotes_table App.
  4. Configuring the Max Records to Display at a Time setting to your liking. (Options: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 records)

I hope this helps. Please post again if you require a JS customization solution.

Hi annaylee,

There is no API for paginating tables in the “kintone” API.

If you add your pagination menu on the screen and customize it to show only some table rows when the menu is clicked, it may be possible to achieve the desired process.
(show specific rows and hide others according to the menu clicks.)

However, when changing the display and non-display of table rows, there is a possibility that rows will be displayed at unintended positions or that it will be necessary to control the display position of rows, which may lead to complicated processing descriptions.

The following functions and APIs are available in “kintone.”
■ Feature

・“Space” field
> To display your buttons and text information.


・An event that occurs after the record detail screen is displayed.

▼Record Details Event

・ function
>You can control the display and hiding of fields in tables.

▼Show or Hide a Field

・ function
>Get the currently opened record data in JSON format.

▼Get Record

On the record detail screen, you can create the following process.

(Assuming that you have two spaces, one for your buttons and one for displaying text information.)

   1. At the timing when the event is fired after the record detail screen is displayed, use the function to hide the table, and then display the original button to perform the process after 2.

   2. Retrieve the currently open record data at the time when the original button is clicked.

   3. Get the table information you want to display on the screen from 2.

   4. Embed the data from 3 in the space where the text information is displayed

If you want to page through on the record detail screen, I recommend that you also refer to the processing example.

Hopefully, this helps.