Is There a Way to Get a Table in Related Records Field?

Question / Problem

Is there a way to display a Table field in another Kintone App using Related Records field?

Current Situation

I created 2 Kintone Apps, which are tied to each other using a Lookup field.

App A:

  • Consists of records that are used as the original data source

App B:

  • There is a Table field with a Lookup field inside.
  • The Lookup field is pulling data from App A.

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Error Message

Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

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Hello @mohtarek38 ,

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Pull data from a Table field using Related Records field?

Native Kintone Setting Method - Nope :x:

Any field that is set in a table cannot be specified.

:point_up: from Field that Can Be Specified for the "Fetch Criteria" Setting in Related Records Help Doc.

So a quick answer is no, you cannot use Related Records field to pull data from a Table field (i.e., Sub-Table) from another App using native features.

Native Kintone Plug-ins Method - Yup :white_check_mark:

Table Lookup Ver. 2.7.0 Native Kintone Plug-in allows Lookup fields to map row values of a Table (i.e., Sub-table) in the Lookup field's source app, to a table in the current app.

It is free for Subdomain and is supported by the US Team.

JavaScript Customization Method - Yup :white_check_mark:

Using Get Records & Update Records API, you can build out a button to grab any fields from App A or App B and display it somewhere in your Subdomain (not limited to a specific App, could be in the Space Header).

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