Relational database creation

I’ve created several apps in Kintone that require re-entering a client’s name and vital information for every form. Is it possible to pull client information from one app to another? I tried using the lookup field but it doesn’t recognize all the fields in the source app, and the instructions on how to create a lookup function are not quite clear to me. Is there a way to pull fields from one app to another? 



Hello David,

Like you already noticed, some fields cannot be specified for “Field Mappings” in the lookup feature.
Therefore, you need to use some JS to accomplish this. Here’s an example flow of how it can be done:

  1. Obtain record data using the lookup field
  2. Place the record number of the obtained data in one of the fields
  3. Set a field change event(*1) in the field mentioned in step 2.
  4. Within the event, using the record number as a key, obtain the target record data by API (*2)
  5. Place the value that you obtained in step 4 in the corresponding field

Kintone Help - Setting Lookup

*1 Kintone developer network - Record Create Event - Field Change Event

Kintone developer network - Record Edit Event - Field Change Event

*2 Kintone developer network - Get Record (GET)

I hope this helps