How to catch event change field lookup

I use event ‘app.record.create.change.<field_code>’ for field look up. but this event was not catched. Is this is a limit of app.  Can you answer me, please?

Hello Tan,

Like you said, lookup fields cannot be specified for field change events, as noted on the page below:

Kintone Developer Program - Record Create Event - Field Change Event - app.record.create.change.<>

May I ask what you’re trying to do?


Thank you, Mr Chris

fields is matched in lookup which is disable after lookup success. I want to manipulate these field , so i try to fill them manually belong event change

Hello Tan,

You could utilize the field mappings in a lookup field to manipulate other fields using app.record.create.change.<> (or app.record.edit.change.<>).

For example, you set up a text field in an app and select that field in the field mappings of a lookup field.

This will make data to be entered in the text field when the lookup field is used. Since the text field is changed simultaneously as when the lookup field is used, you can manipulate other fields using app.record.create.change.<> or app.record.edit.change.<> on the text field upon entering a lookup field.

var eventName = ['app.record.edit.change.textfield',
'app.record.create.change.textield'];, function(event) {



I hope this helps

thank you so much,

I resolved my problem.