Copy table field from other App


I am trying to copy a table value to another app as shown as in the image below. 

the process works like: 

  • search for (unique) JK number

  • corresponding JK number record on the other app has item and price on the table fielld. 

  • The item and price value of the same JK number is recorded directly on the editing page. 


I tried lookup field mapping, but table fields are not shown… 

Please help!! 

Hello 김선희,


It sounds like either utilizing the GET Record API to fetch the data from the original app or this native plug-in called “Table Lookup,” which allows the user to look up data in a table in another app, might be the best bet here.


Get Records


Table Lookup Plug-in


Could you check these out to see if they fit your needs?

Hopefully, it helps.