Any workaround for partial data search?

I’ve been testing Kintone for our auto export business

so we have data fileds such as VIN, Year, Make, Model, Color…etc 

when we work with the sheet/app, we often search for partial VIN like the last 6 digit. but Kintone is not capable of searching for partial data.

is there any way to work around this? 



Hello Mike!

Yeah, this is one of the things that needs to be implemented in the official kintone.

But as of now, one of the methods that I can suggest is the following:

  1. Using the REST API, get all records information (may be easier if you can specify the field or filter at this point)

  2. Put the specific field information from the obtained data into array.

  3. Use the JS function (such as “match” or “indexOf”) to search

  4. Obtain the key item from the search result and put into array.

(Repeat 3 and 4 until the records are gone)

  1. Using the array information created from the step 4., create an URL query

I hope this helps your question!