Get all records for current list view {Archived}

The ability to see all the records in the current list view would be nice.

This would let a user filter records with views and Kintone’s filters and let developers then loop through all the records that match the given filter.

Currently, you can only get a view’s query string, and the records returned in the Onload Event are only the ones for the current page. This makes it nearly impossible to use Kintone’s list view filters for anything other than display.

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@TylerR ,

Are you looking for a way to display all records, going beyond the 100 records list view limit?

If so, you can display more records by creating a Custom view. You can have a custom view that executes a GET REST API to retrieve all records from the Kintone App and display it as a list (or any other way).

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Not looking to display them, but do calculations and background processes for all of them in a view and a filter

It sounds like something we can handle with Kintone REST APIs and JS customization.

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The problem was addressed: