Get all records for current list view

Question / Problem

I am making a plugin and would like to get all the records for the current view, and that match filter applied.

Code / Attempts

I have looked at the REST API get records. I know that I can get the filter for the current view, but I am not sure how to also apply the additional filters added by the user

Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

I would like to get all the records that are in the given view and match the applied filters

Additional Reference:

Hello @TylerR

Could you elaborate on what you mean by additional filters added by users?

This filters added at the filter button. image

Hi @TylerR

I apologize, but it is difficult to understand the details of your inquiry at this moment.

May we ask how you have set up the filtering via Javascript query?

If the query refers to a query retrieved with the function, like below,

const currentQuery =;

I think it is possible to add the condition to “apply the additional filters added by the user” for the value set in currentQuery and develop it to a newly defined variable such as currentNewQuery, after specifying it in the query, and then execute the “GET” Bulk Record Retrieval method.

Would the above process be feasible for you?

If this is not what you are looking for, please let us know the phenomenon you are having trouble with, what kind of situation you would like to improve, and include the process details.

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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