Autofill details from non-logged in user

Hi all,


I’m pretty new to the world of js so maybe I’m missing something obvious.

I’m trying to set up a form wherein:


I choose an internal staff lead for a project from my users

-and then-

That staff member’s email automatically populates in the email field. 


kintone.getLoginUser will only make my email automatically populate, which isn’t helpful.  I could, in theory, do it all through if/else statements, but (A) that seems silly when the system obviously tracks user emails and (B) I’d have to update the js every time I add / delete a new user. 



So, with some experimenting, I couldn’t even do this through if/else statements, because user selection answers are recorded as objects, not as the text of actual users’ names. =/

Hi Meg!

According to what I have read, I’m assuming that you are trying to:
 1)Select a staff from such as the User Selection field
 2)Acquire the e-mail address of the selected user
 3)Display the acquired e-mail address to a field

If this is the case, it should be something like:

  1. At the Change event, acquire the code information of the user selection field

  2. Using the acquired information, obtain an e-mail address with the userAPI

<< Request Example >>
      var parm = {
         “codes”:“Acquired code information”


<< Response Example >>

    “users”: [
            “birthDate”: “2011-05-01”,
            “callto”: “”,
            “code”: “a”,
            “ctime”: “2013-07-22T08:12:18Z”,
            “customItemValues”: [
                    “code”: “item1”,
                    “value”: “aitem1”
                    “code”: “secret”,
                    “value”: “aitem2”
            “description”: “”,
            “email”: “”,
            “employeeNumber”: “”,
            “extensionNumber”: “”,



  1. Store the value in a field

I hope this helps!