Building a "SUMIF" Calculation Function for for data on table

Hi, I’m trying to use “SUMIF” to run calculations with data from a table to summarize the quantity of some data.

I want to select data from a Drop-down field and summarize the number quantity on the same row.

Have any solution?

Hello @Chatchai_Chaichoompo ,

Welcome to the Kintone Developer Forum & thank you for posting your question!

Few things to note:

  • Kintone does not have a SUMIF function built into the Calculation field
  • Instead, there is a IF and SUM functions that can be used together

If you are just getting started, check out the following articles from Kintone Help:

To better help you out, please provide more information regarding:

  • Share your code
  • Screenshot of your App settings
  • Your desired outcome
  • If you got an error message, please post screenshots