Sum up of Table

I wanted to get the sum of calculated sum in my table.

So I was creating a table in kintone and per row there is the calculated value.

And I want to have a sum of all the calculated value in each row on below of my app.  Like below:

I already have the table, they just need to click + sign to add rows. 

Can someone help me to do this on my app?

Thank you.

SUM function can allow you to add values(numbers or dates) in a table using a calculated or text field but the calculated or text field will be outside the table, not inside the table in an app as you can see in the following link.


▼ SUM Function at Automatic Calculation


In this case, for “Values” to sum up, please specify the code of a “Number” field, the formula that results in a numerical value, or a number.


For example, to sum up values in the Subtotal fields, whose field codes are “AMT_C” of a table, the formula in a calculated or text field is SUM(AMT_C).