Calculated field for number of days - using today's date

Hi all, is it possible to use today’s date (eg like in SQL "select getdate() as 'today'...) in my calculation if my “Date_END” is blank?

(Date_END - Date_BEG) / (60*60*24)


Hi Ron,

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do with the calculation above, but there is a page that shows a sample that inserts today’s date into a Date field of your App with a click of a button.

Add Today’s Date to the Date Field with One Click

Could you check this out and see if it’s helpful to you?

Hopefully, this helps.

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Hi Sean,

I’m trying to calculate the number of days between 2 dates; however at times when the End date hasn’t occurred, the field will be blank. so “0 - Beg_Date” yields an incorrect negative number.

In SQL, I’m able to call the system date in a query with “select getdate()” to use as a variable when the End_Date hasn’t occurred.

We’re in the midst of obtaining SQL Gateway for Kintone, so when this occurs, I’ll just use SQL instead via a linked server to Kintone to resolve issues like this.