Calculating date using Field Mapping data

This question refers to two apps.

In my first app, I have a field called Invoice_Date and a field called VendorTermsNet. I also have a Lookup field called VendorID, which pulls information from a second app.

In the second app, I have a field called TermsNet, where I type the number of days before a vendor’s invoice is due (ie for Net30 terms, I type “30” into the TermsNet field).

In the first app, I’m using Field Mapping to bring that number into the VendorTermsNet field when I look up my VendorID. Now, I want to add a calculated field that will display in date form and will calculate by adding the Invoice_Date plus the number of days in the VendorTermsNet field. I tried “Invoice_Date + VendorTermsNet”, but it just returns the Invoice Date.

The number in the VendorTermsNet field will vary by vendor, so I can’t just use “Invoice_Date + (30*)” because sometimes it will be 20 days, or 60 days, etc.

Can anyone help? (Thanks in advance!)

Hello Leslie,


You can use the calculated field to specify the number of days from the base date for date calculation.

By doing so, you can get the date that is a month from that base date.


Since dates and times are expressed in seconds in Kintone, you need to specify your formula in seconds.

(For example, enter “60” for 1 minute, “3600” or “60*60” for 1 hour.)


Displaying the Date That Is a Month (30 Days) from Today:


Hopefully, this helps.

Thank you! This did help! I multiplied 3600 by 24 to get 86400 seconds in a day, then changed my calculation to “Invoice_Date + (VendorTermsNet*86400)” and it worked. :slight_smile: