Can I call an external API from within Kintone?

I’ve been trying to make a call to an external service as part of a test but I get nothing back, not even an error. Is this possible?

Hi Nathan

Can you share with us the code that you used? Thanks!

(function() {

const apiKey = "api key removed";
const feed = `${apiKey}`;

let changeName = "txtName";

const news = () => {
return fetch(feed)
.then((resp) => {
if (resp.status === 200) {
return resp;
}).then(data => {
let topStory = data.json();
return topStory;
}).catch((err) => {

var events = ["app.record.create.change." + changeName, 'app.record.edit.change.' + changeName];
let record;

news().then((data) => {, function(event) {
record = event.record;
record[changeName].value = data.articles[0].title;


There are several ways to run an external API, and Kintone provides an API that allows you to run external APIs.


Kintone.proxy ()


As for the details of the parameter, it depends on the API you are trying to run, so I am not sure exactly what you need in your case but hopefully kintone.proxy run the desired API you are working on.

Thanks Junko, I’ll check out the link and see how I get on.