How can I call third party API with my Kintone application?

Is there any possible way to call API so that can POST, PUT, GET AND DELETE HTTP actions

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Which Kintone API documentation have you read?

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Konnichiwa Genji

I would like to use this API

Hello @Janvier ,

Thank you for the link to the JSONPlaceholder API.
So it seems to me you want to play around with Kintone APIs to handle incoming JSON data.

Check out Kintone’s Add Record -/k/v1/record API Doc on how to take a JSON object and create a Kintone record.

If you want more of a tutorial to follow along on your first Kintone customization, I suggest this article:
React & REST API: How to add data to a Web Database - DEV Community :woman_technologist::man_technologist:.

If you prefer a YouTube video, here is one that goes over building out a React forum that creates a Kintone record.

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