Can i open kintone app from another app

i want to open kintone app from my app. As i know it is possible if i know url scheme kintone app right? but i cant find it anywhere.

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Hello @diep
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Kintone apps are accessible via specific URLs, each uniquely identified by its subdomain and app ID. To access a particular Kintone app, it's essential to construct the URL correctly.

The URL structure for accessing a Kintone app is typically as follows:


<subdomain>: Your Kintone subdomain.
<appId>: The ID of the Kintone app you wish to open.

For example, if your Kintone subdomain is "example" and your app ID is 123, the URL would appear as:

You can find the app ID by checking the URL when you navigate to the designated app, or by accessing your App Management page.

And if your goal is to seamlessly navigate between apps, the easiest way is to post the URL in each app's description.


thanks @Chris

I tried, but it seems like it's not right for my case. To give you more details, I developing an iOS app that just opens the Kintone app (installed from the App Store) from it. After searching, I understand that I need a deep link like "app://launch", but I can't find it in the App Store or in the app's documentation. For Android, I have already opened it via the link "market://launch?"

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Hello @diep
Oh, I see what you meant now!
I don't have experience with app development, so I'm not sure if I can be of help. However, I remember this feature, specifically for iOS, was implemented in one of the past Kintone updates, but I'm assuming you already tried it, and it's still not working, correct?

Yes @Chris.
That feature sounds ok, but it only works if I'm already logged into the app. What I really need is a way to open Kintone without having to sign in . Basically, I only install Kintone and then just forget about it. Then, I should be able to launch Kintone from my app(may with a button), and then input subdomain ....

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Hi @diep

Currently, there is no deep link URL for iOS.
You can do something similar with the Android movement by using the app store URL:
This will open Kintone in the app store. If the user has Kintone installed but is not logged in, they can click open and then proceed to log in.

I hope this helps!