Kintone Apps with Sample Data

Kintone Apps with Sample Data

Kintone offers a variety of pre-configured apps in the Kintone App Marketplace, providing a convenient starting point for your projects. These apps can be easily added to your Kintone environment with just a few clicks.

Currently, six apps come with the Sample Data option. This is a helpful feature to better understand how to import, export, and manage data within Kintone.

Below are the apps with the sample data support:

App Name Description URL Template
Employee Database Manage all employees' HR documents and basic information
Employee Onboarding Centralize all onboarding-related files and links
File Sharing Form with process management settings configured app
Ticketing App Simple ticket tracking app
Volunteer Hours to In-Kind Value Simple hour tracking app

To use the direct download link, replace YOUR_SUBDOMAIN with your Kintone subdomain.

  • For example, if your Kintone subdomain is example, the direct download link for the Employee Database app would be

For steps on adding apps from the Kintone App Marketplace, refer to the Adding a Sample App Kintone help page.