Quick Start on Using Kintone Web Database in a Hackathon Project

Quick Start on Using Kintone Web Database in a Hackathon Project

3 Reasons to Use Kintone for your hack!

  1. No servers are needed! - Ridiculously fast to build databases!
  2. Effortlessly manage database data and schema with GUI!
  3. Super simple to build JS customizations!

:rocket: Getting your FREE Kintone Database

1. Fill out the Kintone Developer License Registration form

Head over to the Developer License Registration Form

  • :white_check_mark: Accept the Cookies first
  • :white_check_mark: Use Chrome & Firefox

When creating your Kintone Subdomain:

  • :zap: Only use lowercase, numbers, & hyphens in your subdomain
  • :warning: Do not use uppercase or special characters

2. Check your email & click Activate Now

After submitting the form, you will get a confirmation email with an Activate Now button.

  • Email title: Welcome to Kintone! One More Step to Developer License

Then you will be redirected to your Kintone Subdomain to set the initial password.

:muscle: Using your Kintone Database

3. Letโ€™s Log into Kintone

Once you create your Kintone Subdomain, it is super simple to access it.

Simply go to YOUR_SUBDOMAIN.kintone.com with YOUR_SUBDOMAIN swapped with your unique Kintone Subdomain.

4. Create a Kintone Database App

To create a Database App, from the Portal screen, click the [+] button on the right side next to the Apps section.

:tv: How to Create a Kintone Database App? - Video

Check out this guide that goes over creating an example Manga Database App.

How to Create a Kintone Database App YouTube Thumbnail

How to generate a Kintone API Token?

To generate an API Token for a Kintone App:

  1. Go to the Kintone App
  2. Go to the Gear icon :gear: (top right corner) > Open the App Settings page
  3. Click on the App Settings Tab > Click on API Token settings
  4. Click the Generate button to generate a token
  5. Click the Save button (top left corner) to save the token setting
  6. Finally, click the Update App button (top right corner) to implement the token setting change.

Confused? :thinking: โ†’ Check out the Get the API Token video clip :tv:

Where Can I Get Help?

If you are stuck, post your question & code on the Kintone Developer forum!

If a Kintone mentor is available, post on the Slack workspace!

We are more than happy to answer any questions or help fix any problems regarding Kintone.

What can I build with Kintone?

Here are a few projects that use Kintone as the web database!

Running an easily configurable Space Invaders game on Kintone

Gif of Space Invaders on Kintone Custom View

This is a phaser.io game running on Kintone. It is super easy to get started! No need to set up a node.js environment or AWS serverless environment! You just need a code editor & Kintone account.

Check out the tutorial on Having Fun with Browser Games & Web databases - DEV Community :woman_technologist::man_technologist:

Connect IoT Obniz Board to Kintone Web Database all in 10 minutes!

Obniz Board x Kintone YouTube Thumbnail

Obniz Board is an IoT Microprocessor that is easily programable with JavaScript! Since Kintone supports JavaScript customizations, it is the best web database to integrate with Obniz Board!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial explaining everything you need to get an Obniz Board exporting data to the Kintone web database!

Setup Obniz Board as a counter & store data in Kintone Web Database all in 10 minutes! - DEV Community :woman_technologist::man_technologist:

Deploy a REST API calling node.js App to Heroku

In this particular example, the node.js app retrieves record data from a Kintone web database via REST API and displays it on the page of the node.js app.

Check out the tutorial on Deploy a REST API calling node.js App to Heroku - DEV Community :woman_technologist::man_technologist:

React, REST API, & Kintone: GET & POST to a Web Database!

React & REST API: GET & POST to a Web Database! - September Workshop YouTube Thumbnail

This is a recording from Kintoneโ€™s React workshop series! We go over how to set up a React project and Express server to access data stored in Kintone!

Code & Slides are available at this GitHub Repo:


Clone the codebase & follow along with the video to build out the POST functionality!
If you are stuck, check out the GET_n_POST branch with the completed version!

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