New to Kintone, where to get started?

Are you a Kintone newbie?

Here are some resources to help you on your path to becoming a Kintone Developer!

What is Kintone?

Kintone is a no-code/low-code cloud platform for teams to quickly & easily share and collaborate on their data.

You can add JavaScript, CSS, &/or HTML to enhance the front-end UI/UX of a Kintone App. This can include features such as maps, buttons, and color-coding.

What is Kintone Developer Program (KDP)?

The Kintone Developer Program is dedicated to supporting developers looking to customize Kintone.
The developer website allows you to browse API documents, learn from tutorials and sample codes, post questions, share comments with other developers and Kintone engineers, and discuss various developer-related topics.

Kintone Dev Quick Start

Get started with Kintone & Kintone REST APIs with this tutorial:

Quick Start: Retrieve Kintone Data using CURL

Key Resources

Resources Descriptions
API Docs The official Kintone API documentation
Customization Tutorials Follow our step-by-step guides to build customizations!
Developer Forum Post your questions here!
KDP YouTube Channel Watch our videos on JS workshops!
KDP Meetup Group Join our monthly online workshops!

Video Series on Kintone Technical Training

  2. JavaScript API
  3. Development Overview
  4. Plug-in
  5. Custom View

Past Kintone Developer Workshops

Here are some of the past workshops we’ve hosted:

Kintone Developer Tools & SDKs

For a full list of Kintone Developer Tools & SDKs, visit SDK / Tools page.