Kintone x React

Kintone x React Resouces

Here are a couple of resources on connecting Kintone to a React app:

React & Kintone REST API Tutorial Series:

This series of articles goes over how to set up a React app and Express server to access data stored in Kintone!

  1. How to render responses
  2. How to overcome CORS errors
  3. How to get data from a Web Database
  4. How to render a list from a JSON response
  5. How to add data to a Web Database

Workshop Recording

Full on a step-by-step guide on building out a React App using Kintone Web Database as the backend:

Building a Kintone Customization with React

Here is a Webpack setup to compile React-based customization for a Kintone Database

Example of React-Based Kintone Customization - Search Bar

Here is a code & workshop tutorial going over creating a dynamically updating search bar with React and having it search through the contents of a Web Database.