Change the appearance of the border field?

Is it possible to edit a border that was added to a form?

Thank you!

Hello @dlively ,

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By “border”, do you mean Kintone App’s Border field that sets boundaries between fields to organize the appearance of your forms?

Screenshot of the Border field:

If so, then yes you can edit the border.

You can place borders beside of other fields.
You can change border length by dragging its right end.

Thank you for your response. I was hoping that I could change the actual appearance of the border.


Hi @dlively

Could you kindly explain how you would like the borders to appear?

Change the color, widen, or customize precisely according to your desired outcome, etc.

If you have an idea of how you wish to come out, or if you could share what you have done and tried so far, that would help us a lot as well.

By utilizing the Label field, it is possible to change the color and boldness of the borderline without any customization.

Label field

Would that be enough to fulfill your desired outcome?


@Sean_Tcbn ,

I was thinking about making a colored border between sections on a form.

Maybe different styles, colors, &/ or thicknesses for a line.
Similar to Word or Excel.

Thank you

@dlively ,

Sounds like @Sean_Tcbn 's Label field recommendation best fits your needs since the field supports rich text and HTML-formatted text.

Easy way to include styled border lines in Kintone

  1. Format your text/border using a rich text editor such as Word, Google Docs, or Online HTML editor.
  2. Add a Label field in your Kintone App
  3. Copy & paste the formatted text/border into the Label field

For more information on styling your Kintone App, check out our
Manipulate Display Format tutorials.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!
Thank you!