Text Wrapping (Column Width Adjusting) for Related Records?

Hey everyone! So a little background: we’re using Kintone to track the grants we need to apply for, their status, who internally is responsible, etc. To make it easy to print meeting materials, I’ve set up a series of “Print List” apps with related records fields (so that our grants manager can do a simple “click correct print list, print record”) that looks at what’s due in the next, say, 3 months. 

The above part is working fine, but one of the things in the related records pull is the notes field, which, along with funder name and project name, etc., which takes up quite a bit of horizontal space. Without zooming the print preview out to like 75%, the print list cuts off halfway through the staff lead field and doesn’t show for some of the records. (See below)

All of this is to preface the question: does anyone know a way to adjust the displayed column width (like you can in an index view) to adjust the total width of a related records field?

Hi Meg,

Unfortunately, I do no think basic kintone feature will allow you to adjust the width of a Related Records field and also set up the print space width.

kintone’s record details page uses the web browser’s print function to display and print out the page.
Therefore, as you are aware, in order to print the whole page of the record details page that includes Related Records fields, you might want to zoom the print preview to the appropriate size to shrink the size of the record details page.

This FAQ below explains how you can adjust the display width of a Related Records field.

▼ FAQ:Is it possible to increase the display width of Related Records?https://faq.cybozu.info/alphascope/cybozu/web/kintone_en/Detail.aspx?id=e6d574b6f596d657a6d7651436a55653952676e4e546e446b45757a3951674d7a374f50746e6d6b503558673d&kindId=-7&category=406&categoryNot=0&word=related record&listNo=0&cntPerPage=10&page=1&totalCount=14&type=1&search=7&sort=99&order=2&attributeSearch=

For your reference, I found this paid kintone add-on service, called “Print Creator”, from CStap that let fields to map and let you create custom PDF files.

Here is the information about “Print Creator” if you are interested in.

▼ Print Creator from CStap

▼ kintone Add-ons

Thank you.


Hi, Junko,

Thanks for the prompt reply! Unfortunately increasing width is the opposite of what we need to do (and as a nonprofit, print creator isn’t really in our budget). For now we’ll have to suffice with zooming out and trying to reduce the number of fields in the related record lookup. 

Thank you again!

Hello Meg!

This seems feasible by simply using CSS to edit the width.

Example I found

var ths = $(kintone.app.record.getFieldElement("Related Record")).find('th');
ths[2].style.minWidth = '300px'

But note that this is using CSS so it’s going to modify the DOM structure; it might not work after any kintone update so please be sure to check whether it works after each update.

I hope this helps