How to change header of the print page

When I use the print feature in kintone, and the browser’s print preview comes up, the header states “Printable Version”, but I prefer if I could change this to something like the record title.

I’m not really sure how to change this - I can’t run any JavaScript while the browser’s print preview is up, and the header isn’t stated in the print page of kintone. Is this something that’s editable?

You could just change it by editing “document.title” to something like “document.title =”‘App Name’+‘Record Title’". Then the title will change to that at the print preview page.


Managed to get this working by following your advice.

(function() {
    “use strict”;‘’, function(event) {
        document.title =“kintone Meeting Minutes”;

Didn’t realise that the solution was on the kintone print page!