Changing Header Labels in Spaces


I was wondering if it’s possible, in a Space, to change the header labels to something else, like, say changing the “Apps” header to something like “Resources”? 

I haven’t found a front facing option to change it, but I was wondering if it’s possible through HTML or Javascript trickery, perhaps?


Hello Christopher,

Yes, it is possible to heavily customize the Kintone Portal with HTML and/or JavaScript customizations.

The easiest way to get started with Kintone Portal Customization would be using Kintone Portal Designer Chrome Extension and using the Portal Templates from the Custom Portal Template Gallery article.

For a detailed guide on developing the customization, refer to the Design a Custom Portal with Kintone Portal Designer article.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you, that’s very helpful. I’m wondering, will these tools work for Private Spaces as well?

Customizing just one private Space would be trickier.

Kintone Portal Designer will only modify your Kintone Portal, the landing page of your Kintone Subdomain by default. You can use the tool to develop the HTML, CSS, & JS code needed to develop your Space customization.

To customize a Spaces, you would need to implement a Kintone System-Wide customization.

Here is a Kintone Help Doc going over the Kintone System-Wide customization settings:

Customizing the Whole Kintone with JavaScript and CSS

Here are the JavaScript APIs needed for your customization:

Here are the REST APIs needed for your customization:

Hopefully this helps!

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