Moving around widgets

I don’t need the Announcements and want Apps up higher. How can I move these around?

Hello Travis!

You can choose whether to display the item or not, but you cannot change its position by the basic function.
So you can make the announcement and the spaces disappear to make the apps to display on the top, but you will not be able to use the Spaces.

It is not recommended, but I think it is possible to modify the width and arrange them all on the same line by editing the CSS corresponded to the portal items.

Hi Travis, you can find the kintone Portal Settings here to turn announcements off

There’s also a feature activation menu which you can access from the cog wheel at the top of kintone -> kintone Administration -> Feature Activation.
You can turn off spaces, if you need to, in this menu

help page ->

Depending on what you turn off, this will change the structure of the page, so check what you want turned on and off, and then you can work on changing the CSS after that.


Did you able to solve the issue. I m facing the same problem I want to switch the location of Announcement and Apps.

Currently: Announcement is on the left-hand side and the Apps on the right-hand side.

Requirement: I need to move the Apps to Right-hand side and Announcement to the left-hand side.


I have tried below code. But it is not working

(function() {
“use strict”;

var div1 = $(’.ocean-portal-announcement’);
var div2 = $(’.ocean-portal-app’);

var tdiv1 = div1.clone();
var tdiv2 = div2.clone();



Hello Bharath

I found an example of someone switching the announcement and the notice using the following script:

function potalChange() {
if (location.hash === '#/portal') {
console.log('load', location);
setTimeout(function() {
var ele1 = document.getElementsByClassName('ocean-portal-widget');
if (ele1.length > 0) {
}, 500)
window.onload = potalChange;
window.onhashchange = potalChange;

I hope this helps.

@Yuzo Arai, Thank you it worked :smiley: