How to add a Calendar View to an Announcement Section?

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Good Morning everyone. Please note that I am not a programmer.

A customer has asked me to display a Calendar (like a Calendar View) on their Announcement Section.

  • The "Calendar View" can either be custom designed or displayed in calendar format.
  • The Calendar's events cannot be in a list format.

I checked the help documentation, and it seems that attaching Calendar views is not possible in the Announcement Sections:

Attaching Apps to the Announcement Section or Threads of a Space - Kintone Help

  • Calendar views cannot be attached. When you select a calendar view, the view is displayed in the list format.
  • Custom views cannot be attached.

Is anyone familiar with an alternative way to set up a "Calendar View"-like display to be included in the Announcement section?

Thank You!

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How is your Kintone App configured?

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  • What types of fields are included in the Calendar Kintone App?

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Display a Calendar in the Announcement Section (not as a list of events)

  • Is the Portal's Announcement Section (main) or a specific Space's Announcement Section?

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Hello @Lumipallo_Studio and welcome to Kintone Developer forum!

Let me go straight to the point. You can use iframe to embed an app with calendar view. Here’s an example:

(function() {
   "use strict";"", function(e) {
       var el = document.createElement('div');
       el.innerHTML = '<iframe src="https://(subdomain) id)/?view=(view id)" width="800" height="800" scrolling="no"></iframe>';

Be sure to modify the subdomain, app ID, and view ID to match your app’s settings. For more information, please refer to the following pages:

hey Chris , Its been forever and a day , but i appreciate you taking the time to answer :slight_smile:

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